The DaisyPlayer Project

This is the webpage for The DaisyPlayer project. DaisyPlayer is a free Linux program for playing Digital Talking Books (DTB), developed under the GNU General Public License.

Our main focus is to make a library with a small, easy to use API, making it easy for other developers to write their own daisy players without having much knowledge about the Daisy format and standards. We named the library libdaisy.

We have made a console and a GUI front-end to libdaisy, to demonstrate how the library can be used in practice and for those who just need a simple daisy player.

The project is currently being developed under the Skolelinux/Debian-edu organization, represented by Herman Robak.

We are four students at Gjøvik University College in Norway working on this project as our bachelor assignment.


If you have tips, information, code or anything you would like to share with us to contribute on the project, please don't hesitate to contact us. Contact information can be found on the developers page.

Read more about the project and how to contribute in our advertisement draft.


Screenshots of our console and gui front-ends can now be found on the download page.


Please visit our FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

Project files

You can get access to all files in this project repository from the skolelinux subversion server. Learn how on the download page.

Status update


This project have been dorment for too long now. But, hopefully, this will change. I have just checked in a new build system baset on automake, autoconf and libtool. I moved over the old libdaisy files and I've been able to build, install and use libdaisy. Hopefully, this will make the project more portable and help the process og creating distribution packages. As for future plans, I've been thinking about a rewrite for a long time. I will probably focus on cleaning up our existing libdaisy, though.